Drambuie Den Experiential Event

Drambuie DenThe Ideal Recipe.

With the new mix of Pulp&Fiber’s refreshing take on creativity and Drambuie Den’s aim to reintroduce its new, clear packaging, the blend of the two make for an exciting and essential partnership.

Pulp&Fiber admired Drambuie Den’s current brand but wanted to kick it up a couple of notches. With its reinvented packaging, now displaying the smooth, amber-coloured liqueur for all to see, P&F wanted to use this to their full advantage. So what was their next step in completing their marketing strategy? To create brand awareness and identity with its drinkers – we mean, consumers – we mean, well, you know what we mean.

So what a better way to showcase that than with some experiential marketing?

Well, Pulp&Fiber did just that. The full-service agency grabbed the golden elixir by its bottleneck and decided to host six events nationally, to promote the epic blends of DRAMBUIE at Drambuie Dens to the public. With listings of events and a current promo for a chance to win a VIP NIGHT OUT with DRAMBUIE (limo transportation to and from the event, no line/cover for the entire group, exclusive VIP section and drinks, DRAMBUIE infused hors d’oeuvres, and a personal DRAMBUIE hostess) with up to 50 of your closest friends, it has received very positive feedback with a high turnout rate at these functions so far.

Come and engage in a night filled with DRAMBUIE’s Rusty Nail, DRAMBUIE and soda with 2 limes, DRAMBUIE & Gingerale with 2 limes and DRAMBUIE Libertine, a few delicious cocktails among many others that is on the menu.

Visit facebook.com/DrambuieDen for listings of upcoming events in your area and to enter into DRAMBUIE’s VIP NIGHT OUT, or view an evite sent out for Tatoo.

*If you’re looking to build a real interactive experience with your brand, contact Pulp&Fiber at info@pulpandfiber.com for ways to creatively improve the effectiveness of your business.

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