Google’s Top 20 Keyword Categories [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that the majority of Google’s profits come from AdWords Advertising.  Advertisers and business owners bid on keywords through Google AdWords for the top ad placement, but in some instances this means up to $50 or more every time their ad is clicked.

In July Google announced their Q2 2011 earnings, reporting record-breaking revenues of over $9 billion, and an increase of 32% year on year.  With CPC Advertising accounting for 97% of those profits, it was only a matter of time before the marketing world got inquisitive. Wordstream, a company based out of Boston Massachusetts that sells ad-campaign analysis software, set out to research which key words demanded the highest cost per click.  The result is an infographic of the top 20 keyword categories below.  These categories account for approximately 70% of Google’s ad revenues, with the insurance industry making up a whopping 24% of total ad revenues. This puts the insurance industry at $54.91 for the top CPC ad.  So the question is, where does your industry measure up on the scale? Are you paying high premiums for top spots, or is your industry part of the remaining 30% that come from over 1000 other keywords?

PS. We dare you to Google search “cord blood”

Based on US statistics.

source: WordStream

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