Dermablend’s Insane New Ad Featuring Rick Genest aka “Zombie Boy”

Many of us have tattoos, but our markings probably pale in comparison to the full body of ink on Rick Genest, the famously inked up dude from the Lady Gaga music video. In these video’s below Genest has his tats covered up using a concealer product from Dermablend, and truth be told, under all that crazy artwork he’s not a bad looking guy. So what do you think of Rick’s risky ink? Would you ever get this much art work on your body or – gasp – face? And what do you think of the ad? Does it make you want to buy (or at least believe in) the product?

Behind the scenes of making the ad for Dermablend.

Dermablend ad.


Our Community Manager Daniella Gullo with Rick Genest on Halloween at Maison Mercer. Photo courtesy of Chris Reign

  • Marta

    This guy was attractive before all the weirdo tats. I like tats, but they are supposed improve your look somehow with artful expression. NOT make you look like you’re wearing your insides out. My opinion, please don’t hate.


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