Pulp & Fiber: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Pulp and Fiber, better known as Pulp & Fiber, is a Creative Agency that came to fruition 11 years ago. Since then we have been fortunate enough to build strong relationships and work with some of the most impressive businesses and entrepreneurs in Toronto and the GTA. The name has become synonymous with luxury printing services, unique branding and digital design services, impeccable project management, and unconventional marketing concepts. Our ideas are innovative and sometimes complex, yet the question we continuously get each time we meet a new client is a simple one; “Where did the name Pulp & Fiber come from”. The answer isn’t as simple as the question itself, and derives from years of business development. In the year 2000 Pulp & Fiber opened its doors as Fiber Design, a digital design agency that predominantly serviced the nightclub industry. With the knowledge that fiber is the vehicle used to relay messaging through paper, fiber optics or fiber cables, it’s no mystery how the name Fiber Design came to be.

Fiber Design logo 2000-2011

Fiber design logo from 2000 to 2011

Fiber Design logo 2011


The Pulp however came later, when we began to experiment with innovative printing capabilities. With Fiber Design in control of its own printing facility, we were able to control the end result for our clients. Not having to use a third party meant having the unique ability to experiment with printing on materials like wood and plastic (before it was common practice). The word Pulp directly relates to the DNA of printing paper itself, and it was our constant experimental printing that eventually caught the attention of other design agencies. Fully aware that other design agencies would be hesitant to have a competing agency print their work, a clear divide in our services was necessary, and thus Pulp Printing was born. It wasn’t long until other design agencies began to inquire, and Pulp Printing became the designers’ go-to printer.

Pulp Printing logo designed in 2002

Over time employees began to refer to the agency as Pulp and Fiber, both in house and on the streets. It was a slow transition into a name that would eventually become the umbrella to all our future companies.

Pulp&Fiber logo designed in 2003

Today the Pulp & Fiber loft houses 5 different companies and over 25 employees. Fiber Design still remains, as it is the root of our business. We continue to service the nightlife industry, working with clients like Ink Events, Uniq Lifestyle and Capture, but we also design for an array of business in the hospitality and lifestyle sectors. P+F is our Creative Agency, where we represent clients like The Ballroom, Volos, Thompson Hotel and the newly acquired Cosmopolitan Hotel. Here we create brand names, visual and verbal identities, experiential initiatives and online and offline campaigns.

P+F logo designed in 2010

Pulp Printing also still remains under the Pulp&Fiber umbrella, and is still synonymous with luxury high end printing solutions, servicing clients like Bisha, Kiwe and King West Magazine. Film Fashion F1 is our experiential event brand. After years of executing experiential campaigns for clients like Redbull, Drambuie and Bacardi, Pulp & Fiber launched its own concept event, and today it is the only event in Canada where style, culture, fashion and F1 meet.


Film Fashion F1 logo designed in 2009

If you visit our Pulp & Fiber splash page you will notice there is a new guy on the block whom you aren’t familiar with. His name is Printazoid, and although Pulp Printing will always be there to service our clients with high-end printing solutions, Pulp & Fiber will soon be proud to offer standardized printing solutions for the masses.  The site is yet to launch, but stay tuned because very soon you won’t just want to print anymore. You’ll want to Printazoid it.


Printazoid logo designed in 2011

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  • John

    Love the new blog! Can’t wait to see the future site “Printazoid”!
    Way to go Pulp and Fiber!

  • http://www.thaincreative.com Thain Lurk

    Great Post, I recently found Pulp and FIber online, and instantly recognized many of your design works from venues all over Toronto. I get excited every time a new piece of pulp art is unleashed. Keep up the amazing work! -Thain

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