Pulp&Fiber Staff Costumes of Halloween’s Past

I’m sure its no surprise that we love Halloween here. Its not uncommon for us to collectively spend over $40 in candy and snacks at 7/11… in one day. The amount of Redbull the designers at “table one” consume on a daily basis is unheard of. In fact, if Extreme Design Competition was a thing, Table 1 would be their team name and they would probably be sponsored by RedBull. Some of us visit Magic Pony on Queen West almost daily for a toy fix, cured only by Be@rbricks and kidrobot. And considering how much time we put into our toy collection, we obviously put considerable time into our costumes as well. We love sweets, we love toys, we love costumes, we love creating and ultimately we love Halloween! Below are some pictures of staff members costumes from Halloween’s past.


Jen Short (Account Executive) as Snow White and Kim Cranfield (Account Executive) dressed as Jen Short

Warren Keefe (Designer) as Lego Man

Greg Ebert (Designer) as RDJ in Tropic Thunder “The Dude playing the dude disguised as the other dude”. I should note that Greg is a white guy, which only makes this costume that much better.

Daniella (Community Manager) as a double rainbow from the famous viral video

Our beloved toy collection, growing daily. Thanks Magic Pony!

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