Bacardi Club Social: Bringing Friends Together Across Canada

I’ve been traveling across Canada with Bacardi for the past few months as their Account Executive. P+F developed a campaign to bring people together in a social setting – or IRL as we say in the twitterverse – and as the Bacardi Account Executive, I am responsible for executing and managing the concept and design of the Bacardi Club Social National Campaign, which has already brought over 8,000 people together in 6 different markets across the country.

With help from a team of 8 Bacardi Socialites, we’ve watched as Canadians got off their phones and started to really talk again. These socialites introduce new friends and allow them too sample up to 3 Bacardi cocktails, courtesy of Bacardi.

Once you’ve built yourself a Bacardi Club Social profile, including name and photo, Bacardi connects you with up to 3 new friends of your choice, and buys you a Bacardi cocktail to share with your new friends. Through the use of LED flashing buttons, it’s easy to see the visual social network grow throughout the night, and to see the connections that have been made.

Friends are then re-connected the next day via email from Bacardi, reminding them of who they met the night before. The email provides their new friends name and photo, as well as the link to check out the photos and videos of their night with Bacardi.

Once you become a BCS member, you get early access to upcoming events, new Bacardi cocktail recipes, the chance to win free tickets to some amazing upcoming BACARDI 150th Birthday events, and more!

Check out Bacardi’s Facebook Fan Page for upcoming event listings, video and photos from past events. This week we are in Vancouver, and tonight marks lucky number 13 out of 24 events for us. Find us at the Buena Vista Social Cafe bringing some Canucks together. And who knows, maybe I’ll make some friends with Canucks tickets ;o)

Get Together With Bacardi. Salud!


Development, concept, design and execution of national program by P+F

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