Scarpetta To Host an Italian Castagne Roast

One of Italy’s most abundant autumn offerings, the castagne is just one of three varieties of sweet chestnuts found along country roads and mountainous regions of Europe. In North American homes of European descent, castagne are most commonly roasted and served after a large holiday meal, and are accompanied by espresso, desserts, Grappa and embarrassing family stories. In present day Italy however, whole towns erupt into a month long frenzy of chestnut festivals. Villagers convene in smoky piazzas where the nuts are roasted in giant-sized pans over fire pits. After they are slightly cooled, they are thrown into a brown paper bag and handed out to festival-goers with a glass of vino rosso.

Scarpetta, the contemporary Italian restaurant by Scott Conant situated inside the fashionable Thompson Hotel, is bringing back some old world Italian charm by hosting a complimentary castagne roast on the Saturday afternoon of November 26th. Let the smell of sweet chestnuts guide you down Wellington Street to the pavilion located right outside the Scarpetta doors. There you will be treated to a bag of warm castagne, and – if you are feeling generous enough to make a donation to Movember – a cup of hot coffee. The event takes place between 11:00am and 3:00pm (or until the scrumptious supplies last). We can’t think of a better way to spend a crisp fall afternoon.

For more details check out Scarpetta’s Facebook fan page or twitter feed. If you attend the event use the #castagneroast hashtag.

Development and concept by P+F

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