Highlights of 2011

It’s been a great year at Pulp&Fiber. We added numerous new employees, and watched as both the agency and studio grew. We acquired some amazing new clients, and began developing our digital marketing department. We hosted 2 wildly successful Film Fashion F1 events, launched our newly designed blog, and executed three national experiential programs for major beverage and sprit brands.

With 2011 rapidly coming to a close, we decided to take a few minutes to find out what our staff members considered to be their most cherished memories of the year.


“My sister got married this year. It was a definitely a highlight for my whole family. I also recently moved into a new home.” – Art Mandalas, CEO


“The birth of my nephew.” – David Smulowitz, CEO


“The birth of my baby boy Jianni.” – Constantine Artemakis, Senior Design


“Traveling to Italy, Poland and Thailand.” –Patricia Szywacz, Account Coordinator


“The birth of my second daughter, Elody.” – Justin Adam, Senior Art Director


“Going to New York City in the summer for a friend’s wedding.” – Andrew LaGrave, Print Coordinator


“Starting my new position at Pulp&Fiber.” – Laura Dubcovsky, Production Manager


“Going to a wedding at The Little White Chapel in Las Vegas.” – Courtney Buckmiller, Human Resources/Office Manager


“Finding out that I’m going to be a father, and starting a new position at Pulp&Fiber.” – Johan Koch, Digital Account Strategist


“Starting a new job at Pulp&Fiber seems like the obvious choice here.” – Kim Cranfield, Account Executive


“I went to the Amnesia 12 year event just this past weekend and ran into old friends that I haven’t seen in 20 years!” –Errol Smith, Accounts Receivable


“Starting a new position at Pulp&Fiber.” – Javed Muhammad, Accounts Receivable


“Joining the Pulp&Fiber team.” – Lesley Amos, Studio Manager


“I saw Britney Spears twice this year lol. And I also moved to Canada to start my position at Pulp&Fiber.”  – Brittany Walder, Designer


“My trip to Cuba. – Anna Sera-Garcia, Designer


“Bonnaroo!” – Greg Ebert, Designer


“Going to Lollapalooza in a wheel chair” – Warren Keefe, Designer


“My team won the TSSC Fall 2011 Dodgeball Championship, I drank and ate my way through Northern Italy with friends, and last but not least, I fell in love.” –Diane Gawlik, Account Executive


“Meeting my girlfriend Annie, and starting a new position at Pulp&Fiber.” – Samer Ziade, Web Developer


“Going to NYC with some of my closest friends, finding out that my sister is pregnant, and starting my new position at Pulp&Fiber. And of course, the growth impact of twitter, which has made my new job that much more dynamic” – Daniella Gullo, Community Manager


“Starting a new job at Pulp&Fiber. Too obvious?” – Jen Short, Account Executive


“The moment I found out my wife is pregnant with our first child, as well as running in the Toronto Marathon.” –David Barnes, Account Director and Super Hero


“Seeing my favorite artists of all time, Prince at the ACC. A rare gem to see. Santa came early and gave me the best present ever.” – Stella Garcia, Account Coordinator / Experiential Marketing


“I discovered JustEat.ca and permanently vacated the kitchen. Hallelujah!  And of course, I started working here at Pulp & Fiber (duh!).” –Carli Stephens-Rothmans, Online Copywriter / Social Media Manager


We want to know what the highlight of your year was, whether it be personal or professional. Let us know by tweeting @pulpandfiber #highlight2011 or tell us in the comments below.

And while we are on the topic of holidays and reflection, below are some photos from our recent Holiday Staff party at The Spoke Club.


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