Do Pets Boost Office Morale?

(she looks scared, but this is her happy face)

It’s my birthday, and I’ll beg if I want to.

For weeks, no, MONTHS, I have been desperately appealing to make Pulp&Fiber into a pet friendly environment.

I am the mother, er, owner, of two wonderful canines, and can appreciate the presence of a four-legged friend, especially in the workplace.  If we have to spend the afternoon listening to that thunderous milk-frother, or the tedious bing-bong of the delivery doorbell, why not add the sweet sound of labored panting to the mix?

As you may have noted in a few of our other P+F posts, birthdays are kind of a big deal around here. Staff members celebrating their birthdays are able to pick one edible item, and the Head Honchos treat the entire team to said snack. Cupcakes, apple pies, Whoppers, or the odd EOD bottle of beer have made the cut on birthday’s past.

Today is my birthday. The big two-five. Like all of my colleagues, I was allowed to select one little nosh to share with the team. I’ve never been a fan of frosting, and Jason Biggs kinda ruined pie for me. So, I asked for nuggets. Can’t go wrong with nuggets. Two different kinds of nuggets, to boot. Chicken McNuggets, and one of my own furry nuggets from home, Fig. She’s a darling, three year old French Bulldog, and she’s also the light of my life.

Because it’s my birthday, they couldn’t really say no. Well, they could have, but I made it very difficult. (read: pouty lips, sad eyes, and tightly clasped hands, shaking in a pitiful fashion)

Fig has been in the office since lunch, and I believe I speak for the entire staff when I say that morale has been magically boosted. We’re working harder, smiling bigger, and stressing less as a direct result. Of course, it could also be the unseasonably warm temperature in Toronto today, but I doubt it.

It’s important to maintain a professional appearance when clients come into the office, and for this reason, Pulp&Fiber also maintains a (sometimes) strict No-Dogs policy.

However, studies have shown that having pets in offices, especially offices where creative work is being done, can actually have a significantly positive effect on the proficiency and work ethic of its team.

According to The Humane Society, having dogs in a place of employment can result in:

– Staff morale and worker productivity increased by bringing pets to work
– Increased camaraderie among employees
– Happier employees result in enhanced job performance
– Increase in sales
– A safer environment; Dogs can serve as a crime deterrent

For more information on the benefits of enjoying a pooch-friendly work environment, click here.

My birthday only comes once a year (and it’s been made clear to me that my dog can only come just as often). However, there is something to be said about amazing employers who, despite their various convictions, allow for a little wiggle room – or “figgle” room – every once in a while. It’s all the morale boost that any of us need, really.

So, from all of us at Pulp&Fiber, we wish you a wonderful, sunshiny weekend.

Get outside. Visit with friends. And, for goodness sake, walk your dogs! They’ve missed you this week, after all.


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