To QR, or Not To QR: That’s The Question

Welcome to 2012. The “modern” age. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you own either a Mac, an Xbox Kinect (which has a pretty cool built-in voice command app…), an iPod, maybe even an iPad, and, of course, a Smart Phone. These are all creations that people like the late Steve Jobs have developed and redeveloped to achieve what was once seen as the impossible.  Sad to say, but as human beings, we are inherently lazy, and love to take the easy road whenever possible. This technology helps us to do that.

Matrix barcodes, otherwise known as QR codes, have hit the realm of technology and are making a digital impression. These codes are built to make life fun, and above all else, extremely simple. Here at Pulp&Fiber, a number of our clients have chosen to jump on the bandwagon and use QR Codes to gain attention from the consumer. We’ve seen some relative success in using these codes, but like any new innovation, questions still remain. One question in particular that arises when introducing an industry to a new technology is, “are they really that effective, or do QR codes just, you know, piss people off?”

The truth is, I really have no idea what kind of impression QR Codes are making as a whole. The first time I crossed paths with advertising’s new pixilated friend was in a social situation. Making a new friend had never been this easy! “Just scan my barcode,” she said, and instantly I had a new friend on BBM. Sure, the first time I thought it was super cool. But, as the saying goes, every novelty eventually wares off. The QR Code was initially meant to track vehicle parts in manufacturing… Random, right?

Today, though, the QR Code functions as an app for a wide variety of products and services. You can scan almost anything to receive a discounted price, be directed straight to a website, or even enter for a chance to win. It’s helped us to get rid of the coupon book, saved us the trouble of typing in a URL, and made the act of filling out a ballot much easier.  QR Codes are everywhere, the technology is present, but do people actually use them, or have we quickly grown tired of this innovation?

Now, rather than explaining how to do a QR scan when trying to exchange digits, I just revert back to the old way. “What’s your number? I’ll text you my PIN.”

QR Codes have the cool factor, for sure. But do we evolve too quickly for something like this to stay cool forever?

What do you think of QR Codes? Love them or hate them? What does the future hold for this technology. Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Big Luther

    I don’t love QR codes! Just give me a simple URL to punch in. Much easier than trying to figure out how to scan the damn things. On the other hand, it’s pretty cool that we have this technology available to us, and I’ve seen some great campaigns and contests run using this system.

  • BuzzBuzzHome

    They have their places, but more often than not, they are poorly used. The reality is: a URL is just so much easier to explain, quicker to punch in, and more effective.

  • BigGirl PR

    I like using QR codes! I just entered a contest at 7-11 by scanning. Its so easy, takes no time, and if your just standing there in line waiting to pay you may as well.

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