Reality Check: The Pitch

When I began my internship at Pulp&Fiber, I was convinced that it would be just like The Hills on MTV. How could it not be? I would get to be just like Lauren Conrad, with my bangs in a side braid, and the other intern Kiosha, would be my Whitney Port.

As it turns out, interning is not as glamorous as MTV would have us believe. There’s more grunt work involved, and you don’t get your hair and make-up done every day, which I’m still a little surprised about. I was confused. Befuddled, even. Where was the camera crew? Why was most of my day spent doing work, and not gabbing with co-workers at the local Starbucks?

The verdict was in: REALITY TV LIES!

Or, at least I thought it did until I saw my first episode of AMC’s The Pitch. Although many reality shows tend to romanticize and over dramatize real life scenarios, AMC has decided they wanted to create an accurate depiction of agency life.

The Pitch gives viewers a gripping, nail biting, edge-of-your-seat peek into the ad world, profiling some of the top advertising agencies in America, as they go head to head in the battle for accounts. Two agencies are pitted against each other in a high stakes competition. The prize? The business of a high profile client.

Each team has a week to put together a truly unique, innovative presentation. The cameras capture all of the drama, the late nights, the flaring tempers, and brilliant brainstorming that takes place behind closed doors. From the creators of Mad Men and Undercover Boss, this is sure to be a hit.

This is the first advertising based reality show to air internationally. And that’s great and all, but, how will this program fair against the influx of reality programs in our midst today? We are bombarded by ads for shows about women who don’t work and marry wealthy men, about rednecks who ride around in air-boats, and women who bake cupcakes. Like, really? Cupcakes. Who cares?!

On The Pitch, there are no top chefs, no idols, and no snotty toddlers parading around in tutu’s and fake lashes. They are not competing for the cover of Vogue Italia or eating bugs for thousands of dollars. They are, however, showing a passion for their work, a career that they take seriously, and have worked very hard to build. Now this is something that an audience can relate to.

The Pitch is a pretty dead-on portrayal of life in an advertising agency. Don’t buy it? See for yourself. You can catch the two-hour premiere on Mon, April 30 at 9/8c on AMC.

With the success sure to follow this program, we think Canadian television producers should take note. Just a thought, but I know an advertising agency full of people ready for their close-ups. Pulp&Fiber perhaps?

And if they need an intern for a spin off, I could be into it. Just saying…

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