The Guinness QR-Pint

It seems that everyone is using QR Codes these days. A company in Regina has even gone as far as putting QR Codes on tombstones so that loved ones can virtually interact with the deceased. I know, right? It’s kind of morbid, but then again the 21st century relishes in techy apps.

However, more appropriate products and brands, such as beer companies, have entered the world of QR codes, and for them it appears to be a much better fit. Many of them having a QR code on their packaging where you can scan your 6-pack of beer, and, if you’re lucky, win cool swag.

Well, Guinness has upped the ante, taking the scannable  codes from the can to the cap, applying them to brand-specifics pint glasses. With this, Guinness has created quite a buzz in the world of social media. Each scan results in a tweet about the pint, updates your Facebook status inviting your friends to come and join you for a drink, checks you in via Foursquare, downloads coupons and promotions straight to your phone, and unlocks exclusive Guinness content.

Digital agencies are fearful of the fact that the QR Code fad will, if it hasn’t already, lose its cache. Hopefully, however, this new foray into QR land will keep consumers interested. How will it do this? Well, if you are sitting down with a bunch of friends having a pint, you are more likely going to scan the digital 4-square. Short of talking sports stats and complaining about ex-girlfriends, what else are you going to do while you’re sipping on a brew with your bros, right?

Maybe Guinness is on to something, taking note of the fact that both time and place factor into the success of any marketing campaign.

How can other brands use QR Codes to their advantage? What brands have cool QR Code promotions already? Or will the QR code fad eventually need it’s own digitally enhanced tombstone in the near future? Sound off in the comments below.


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