ROI, Twitter, and Me

I’m told I was actually introduced as “The New Tweeter” when my position was announced at the office. With the digital department knees-deep in assignments, a new person would need to be brought on in order to help “The Old Tweeter” with her projects. Supply-and-demand kinda stuff, you know?

In reality, my name is Dylan, and my official title is Social Media Coordinator. I work with the Social Media Manager, and all day long we do social media stuff. And, lots of it.

I’m sure that the announcement was met with some scoffs and rolled eyes from my now-peers. We need to pay someone to write 140 characters at a time? Can’t we just get our copywriter to cough up an extra 140 characters a few times a day, and then use the money we’ve saved for a staff pizza lunch?

Understandably, the whole concept seems a bit crazy. To some, the words “Twitter” + “Strategy” still don’t appear to marry well. What was once a social networking tool, designed to share funny links and waste time, is now a large part of any marketing operation. After all, when it comes to reaching the masses, you have to go where the people are. And, in this day and age, the people are no longer loitering in the town square aimlessly waiting for the good word.

These days, the people are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other So-Me platforms. In the last two years, many brands have been making a concerted effort to fall in line and follow suit. It’s 2012, and you can’t afford not to have brand pages setup. However, some people are still asking “Why?”

Skeptics wonder what, if any, the ROI could possibly be when pushing a marketing strategy across a social media platform. In response, we compel naysayers to take a look at this infographic that explains just how social media can, in fact, boost your ROI.

And while you do that, we’ll rehearse our very best TOLD YA SO!


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