Is Microsoft Too Soft?

Don’t be evil.

Sounds simple enough. Be nice. Be good. Don’t be bad. Pretty sure this is what religion (all of them) teaches. And, as it turns out, it is the unofficial motto of Google, the god of the internet, and also one of Microsoft’s direct competitors.

Microsoft has struggled to compete with the image of Google for years. Google might be the fun, hip, nice guy. But Microsoft is just, well, soft. And boring. And corporate. Not at all the life of the party, like its peer Google. After years of being notoriously blah, is it time for Microsoft to bite the bullet and increase their edginess?

Young Canadian designer Andrew Kim thinks so. In fact, he went so far as to suggest that Microsoft should entertain the idea of a complete re-branding; moving towards an image that is “almost science fiction” like.  We’re not entirely sure what he means by this, and it’s hard to imagine Microsoft as the dark and brooding type, but Kim suggests that erring on the side of evil might be the best way to separate the giant corporation from its otherwise “friendly and cool” competitors.

With the pending release of Windows 8,  which is described as being “reimagined from the chipset to the user experience,” it seems like a good time for a brand overhaul. But will a darker image for Microsoft make it more relevant?

Probably! Darth Vader was way cooler than Luke Skywalker. Then again, Han Solo was cooler than Darth Vader…. now I’m just confused.

Have a look at Kim’s concepts, and weigh in in the comments section below!


  • Cola

    Microsoft is way too soft. I like the concept Kim came up with, although it looks a lot like Apple? Anyone else think so?

  • Dierdre Callaghan

    @Cola, I actually like this edgier look. Microsoft is the lame guy at the party. Time to spice things up. Get a makeover.

  • Dylan Thompson

    A dork can get a new wardrobe and haircut, but at the end of the day, he still goes home to work on his PC. 

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