PSA Uses Humor To Cure AIDS

An international poverty organization known as ONE has taken to the viral circuit to spread a very serious message, with a surprisingly funny twist.

The PSA was produced by Funny Or Die, which, in this case, is quite fitting considering the subject matter.

Headed by comedian Zach Galifianakis to lead a band of other well-known comics, including Sarah Silverman, Marissa Tomei, and Tracy Morgan, the team of jokesters calls attention to the subject of AIDS.

The PSA takes place in the future, the year 2015, and the cast riffs off one another, discussing all of many remarkable advancements the world has made over the last two years.  They speak of hybrid animals, like Eagle-phants, and the ability to fold cars into pocket-sized devices as a means to save money on parking.  But then they get real.

“We can [also] reach the beginning of the end of AIDS by 2015,” says Galifianakis, if only we would get off our “lazy f%&!#$@ Western [butts]” and do our part today.

The AIDS virus has been an issue on the forefront for more than three decades, and this is not the first PSA that has rallied for support in finding a cure. However, this is one of the first Public Service Announcements that approach this otherwise sensitive subject with a comedic undertone.

Watch the PSA by clicking here.

A lot can be done over the course of two years. Do you think this PSA will be effective in ensuring that “the beginning of the end of AIDS” arrives by 2015? Or do you feel that a comedic approach to a PSA of this nature was a misjudgment on part of the advertisers who designed the campaign?

Let us know the comment thread below!

  • Cody

    I think that its perfectly acceptable to bring a little humour to the masses, if it brings awareness to a great cause.  I also love a good laugh! Thanks for the chuckle.

  • Emilhy Martins

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