Advertising For The Can

Two upstate New York brothers, one 22, and the other 18, have come up with quite a crappy idea.

Bryan and Jordan Silverman believe that they have discovered the future of advertising, printing ads on, yes, toilet paper.

They patented their idea in 2010, and now Star Toilet Paper is rolling (pun). The toilet paper is environmentally friendly, and the advertisements will be printed in soy bean-based ink, and will also contain coupons that can be redeemed through Star Toilet Paper’s website, meaning that people will now be leaving the bathroom with pieces of TP in their hands, not stuck to their shoes.

However, from a client perspective, we can’t help but wonder if brands might be apprehensive about buying ad space that will eventually get flushed down the toilet.

Despite this, Star Toilet Paper has secured accounts with large companies like Ben and Jerry’s, and local businesses, like doctors and restaurants, have showed great interest as well. So, it seems that companies don’t have a problem with placing their name on something people use to clean themselves after, er, you know, making a deposit.

“A person looks at the average advertisement for two to five seconds. People will look at ours for a lot longer,” says Jordan. Plus, people tend to do a lot of reading in the bathroom. This is a fact.

What do you think about TP advertising? Weigh in below!




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