Mountain Don’t

Okay, so is – or was – a website promoted by Mountain Dew that called for fans to help in naming a soon-to-be-released green apple flavoured soda pop. Yes, they asked the internet to help in naming a product that is sold around the world. Apparently, the site no longer exists, but if it did, you’d find that the leader in the list of suggested names is “Diabeetus”.

Mountain dew has a ton of sugar in it.

Crowdsourcing is an effective way of advertising. It includes the consumer in the creative process while selling to them. Mountain Dew has travelled down this road before when, in 2007, they introduced a campaign called “Dewmocracy”, where fans of the soft drink were invited to vote on their favourite name/flavour combo. At that time, the names were already set out, including inoffensive “hip” options like “Revolution” and “Voltage”.

Also, Forest Whitaker was featured in commercials encouraging people to choose the new name. That campaign was very successful, and as such it blazed a trail for other online endeavours like it – which eventually led to Mountain Dew’s current venture.

If you’ve never heard of Reddit or 4chan, they are basically two websites that rule the internet. They are mostly responsible for creating all of the memes you see that spread like superviruses, and when something like this current Mountain Dew debacle pops up, it doesn’t take long for Reddit or 4chan to find out about it, and inevitably proceed with its exploitation. Besides “Diabeetus”, other potential names suggested for the Apple-flavoured drink were “Gushin’ Granny”, and “Fapple”. You can figure out what those mean.

The moral of this story, if you are an advertiser, be very wary before letting the internet decide anything for you. If not, you could find your brand knee-deep in Fapple.

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