Reacting on Twitter

By now, you don’t need to be sold on the effectiveness of Twitter (and if you do, stop by our office). Many businesses have transitioned seamlessly into tweeting nonstop jabber about promotions, new projects, and what they’re having for lunch, but the truth is, one of Twitter’s most underrated and underused attributes is yet to be maximized by most companies: reaction and conversation control.

This brings us to today’s lesson on the The Thread: Stop inundating the world every 20 minutes with useless feed-cloggers that don’t benefit your reputation. Instead, worry about what the world is saying about you. Your reaction tweets will not only show you’re interested in what people have to say and are trying to engage with the public, but also allows you to manage your image in a very unique way.

As with anything on Twitter, there are the trailblazers who’ve been setting a brilliant example. First, check out this hilarious response from Taco Bell to a 4/20 (National Marijuana Day) tweet from Men’s Humor. Risky joke, big payoff. #Ballin.


You don’t always have to be risqué to respond to people mentioning/talking about you on the internet, however. In what could only be referred to as a clinic in brand management, feast your eyes on the brilliance that is this Smartcar response to a tweeter trying to poop on their parade.


Smartcar then had their designers draw up the following picture to tweet along with the brainy comeback. Not only is it clever, but it’s actually remarkable just how much ornithological excrement one of these vehicles can handle.


Lastly, we can’t confirm that this is real, as the account with this handle no longer exists. However, it’s pretty funny, and even if it’s not the classiest way for a multinational corporation to handle its image, it certainly had people talking.

So remember, the next time you don’t have a specific sale to tweet about, or are tired of letting your followers know what you’re watching tonight, instead, engage in a little brand management, and put your skills to a fun, challenging, and effective test.

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