The Nexus 7

With the release of their new Nexus 7 tablet, Google has shown themselves to be even more of a power player in the tech world. The tablet is a hit, and it’s already selling like hotcakes, so why is Google advertising the device on their usually ad-free homepage? Well, some internet users argue that Google can do whatever they want with their home page because, well, it’s their home page. Other, more purist-types are up in arms because they feel it tarnishes the otherwise very clean and iconic image of the search page.

Well, both parties are more or less right. Google can do whatever they like with their homepage, just like a person could build a treehouse in their own yard. And since the tablet marketplace is in so hot right now, it’s clear that Google is making as many moves as they can to overtake the iPad. Advertising on their own website, which gets millions of hits a day, seems like the obvious choice.

On the other hand, the image Google is conveying is one that reeks of desperation – despite the fact that they aren’t desperate. If the hugely popular band U2 were putting on a concert at the biggest venue in the world, and Bono came on stage wearing a U2 shirt, it would be off-putting. If President Obama referred to himself in the third person whenever he did a speech, it would seem weird, right? Well, since Google’s homepage is so well-known for only having the Google logo and a search field, it just feels wrong to most users to have anything else there.

Either way, this isn’t the first time Google has placed advertisements on their homepage, and it probably won’t be the last, so the world is going to have to learn how to deal with it.

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