The “Ultimat” Campaign

A Polish vodka brand stands as a shining example of the evolution of advertising  with a campaign that combines a loud message, a viral video, and a large dose of what’s known in the biz as experiential marketing.

The white-collar folk of New York City and Chicago were treated to a complimentary window washing with a message recently courtesy of Ultimat Vodka and Amalgamated Agency. A man dressed in a sharp suit descended the exterior of the cities’ high-rises on a window-washing elevator with signs that promoted a work-life balance such as “Do you ever leave the office?” “Have you heard about fresh air? It’s amazing!” And finally, “Come have a drink (on us).”

The promotion culminated in block parties hosted by Ultimat where all the cool desk jockeys got to unwind, slap a few high-fives, and talk about the five-star safety ratings their four-door sedans just received.  Aside from the experiential side of the campaign (the side for the people who actually saw the signs and attended the parties), the resulting YouTube video already has nearly 2 million hits. That’s nearly four million eyes. Unless it was streamed by a pirate.

To be blunt, Ultimat batted this one out of the park. The idea is completely original, takes advantage of the culture of the cities, and maximizes its visibility with a viral video. And that party? I would totally “hit that.”

Oh, and one more thing: The ad is part of a “Summer Fridays” promotion Ultimat Vodka rolled out at the beginning of the season, raising awareness about the benefits of taking Fridays off while the weather is still warm. So be sure to pass this one on to your boss.

Thank God it’s Thursday!

  • Terant Youssif

    This is an amazing way to get your name out there. We need to see more innovation like this!

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