Expedia Slammed for Same-Sex Advert

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and Expedia acknowledges this in their latest campaign, #ExpediaFindYours.

In this particular commercial, Expedia asks us to find our understanding, as two women celebrate their nuptials in California. We applaud Expedia for featuring a same-sex union in their lead advert. And, for doing it so beautifully!

The gist? A father must travel across the country to witness his daughter exchange vows with another women. Something that, at first, did not sit right with the proud papa. But as the ad goes on, you see the father find his own understanding, in a heart warming display of love and celebration, shared with friends and family who have all traveled a distance to be there, care of Expedia, we’re to assume.

The ad has already racked up more than a million hits on YouTube. And while some commenters commend the brand for venturing into murky advertising waters, many commenters slammed the company for portraying something that they consider to be “sexually deviant” and sinful.

A comment posted by Jean Chan said: ‘You can all try to spread this wickedness but God said it is SINFUL and worthy of eternal damnation!!’

Reggan Simmons, another YouTube commenter, wrote: “Glad I was able to see this, I book all the business trips for our office and will no longer be using Expedia. This commercial is unrealistic and denies the real turmoil a family experiences with the issue of homosexuality.”

Naturally, many comments posted on the clip on YouTube have been taken down by moderators, however this raises a number of questions both about advertising conventions, and the role that social media plays in establishing these.

Earlier this year, OREO celebrated Pride with their rainbow cookie campaign, and Toyota took a chance with a riske gender bending TV spot. Both of these campaigns were the cause of much controversy, but perhaps this is what the brand is aiming for?

600,000 people may have hated the ad. But that’s 600,000 more people who saw it. Good advertising sparks conversation. However, we’re not too happy about where this conversation seems to be headed. IT’S 2012 PEOPLE, COME ON!

Watch the commercial, and let us know your thoughts on the negative reactions in our comments section below.

  • ProudCanadiana

    beautiful commercial! more companies ought to start showing their #pride. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattdelbiondi Matt Del Biondi

    I agree with ProudCanadiana and this video. If people hate it, then they dont understand how this world and how we have all evolved.

    • havana


  • FerrahRamone

    What I find most shocking here is that a person responsible for an entire company’s travel would take it into their own hands to speak for the employer and peers. I find this appalling. Society is a mess.

    “IT’S 2012 PEOPLE, COME ON!”

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