Internet Explorer Targets Gen Y

“You might not remember us, but we met in the ’90s,” the ad begins.

In the newest commercial for Internet Explorer, Gen Y’ers are asked to revisit their collective pasts, and imagine what it used to feel like to swing a Yo-yo, count their Pogs, and listen to their favorite tapes.

“Life moved a little slower. Disks were square, desktop folders had personality, and extra storage space was just a zipper away,” the voice reads on, as images of familiar relics bounce across the screen. Fanny packs, Lunchables, and Troll dolls take many of us back to simpler times.

But today, instead of YakBack’s we have iPhones, instead of LiteBrites we have MacBooks, when we talk about Skip-It, we’re usually referring to breakfast, and in place of our Tamagotchi Pets, many of us have boyfriends. Indeed, you’ve traded your Goosebumps books for more sophisticated reading, like Fifty Shades of Grey, and most of the girls you know have swapped their Ring Pops for real engagement rings. But you’re not bitter about that last one at all.

Nostalgia is a very powerful marketing tool. Who can’t look at a picture of a slap bracelet without smiling? By juxtaposing images of simple childhood pleasures against newfangled technology, the viewer is able to make an immediate, intimate connection with the brand. Yes, pulling on peoples’ heart strings is the quickest way to have them pull out their wallets.

Everyone at the office loves this spot, whether or not they spent the 90’s wearing Zubaz and playing Sega.

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