“Open Your Mouth” by Miracle Whip

What do you do if there is an important issue that is being overlooked, one that needs the attention of the masses? Well, it’s a pretty simple answer, actually. Get all the celebrities you know together in one room, and sing it loud, sing it proud.

Now, here’s how they tend to work. The bigger the issue, the bigger the stars attached. Michael Jackson had ‘We are The World’ to help the starving people of Africa. Pretty heavy stuff, for a very just cause.  So, when the issue at hand is people judging a sandwich spread without trying it first, the roster doesn’t exactly scream A-List.

Miracle Whip’s latest ‘Keep an Open Mouth’ campaign gets exactly who you’d expect it to. Lance Bass of N’Sync, Tiffany, and some of the Village people came together in the spirit of good humour. And needing a pay check.

All the ribbing aside, we think it’s great these fallen pop stars could have a laugh at their own expense, and that they all chose to be a part of a very funny ad. Plus, it has hit 300,000 views since it was uploaded on the 10th of February. The movement is in motion people.

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    I had a good haha at @susanboyle! lol

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