Super Bowl Advertising

What’s not to love about Super Bowl Sunday? Fat men in iridescent Lycra pants, fully loaded nachos on the coffee table, a cold beer in your hand, and friends by your side. Sounds like a nice little afternoon, doesn’t it?

This is likely why you, along with millions of other viewers worldwide, tune in to watch this annual sporting event, year in and year out.

However, the Super Bowl isn’t just for football enthusiasts. In fact, the Super Bowl is just as big of a deal for advertisers, and, in turn, consumers. Why? On average, 100 million viewers tune in to watch the top teams of the season go head to head, ensuring that the commercials shown in between plays receive extreme exposure.  Note that it costs a pretty penny to have your ad aired during the Super Bowl. Last year, each 30-second ad that aired during the game ran the company $3.5 million, on average.

At such a high cost to advertise, brands better make sure that their ads are effective (aka damn good) before they air them.

This year, advertisers came out, guns a’blazing, many of them uploading their commercials to YouTube days before the game! After a quick internal poll, these came out as the top picks for Super Bowl commercials in 2013! Which is your favourite?

  • Carl

    “Are you sure you’re not here to see someone named Sam Sung?”

  • casiestewart

    GoDaddy set the Bar. Heh heh, see what I did there ;P

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