Bad Ad Placement

bad ad placement

When you’re planning to place an ad online or offline, there’s always several rounds of revisions that take place before it can go live or be published.

Despite this, accidents (and oversights) happen. And, let me tell you, there’s almost nothing worse than seeing your ad placement go wrong. Allllllll wrong.

After talking about potential fails in placing ads, we decided to round up some of the worst ad placement fails and one REALLY good ad placement. Scroll down and try not to make this face:


1. This probably happened at beach bars all over the place that summer. Whoops!


2. This one has over 350K views on Reddit. We can’t imagine how embarrassing this might have been for Danielle to drive around in.


3. When advertising at a stadium, try to avoid this spot. Especially if you are AN INTERNET COMPANY. Doh, face palm!


4. Mmmm…not fabulous. Definitely,  didn’t think about how a rainy day would effect this ad placement.


5. Do you think this was planned? Were they talking about the mess a Big Mac makes or…? Yuck.


6. This is by far my fav ‘opportunist‘ example of advertising, ever. British Airways sponsored the London Eye and had all media on stand-by for launch day. Unfortunately, they had to delay erecting the structure. Mr. Branson knew of an airship company just outside London and scrambled to give the media something to see.  Well played Virgin, well played.


You might wanna keep some of these things in mind when placing ads for your clients or maximizing on unexpected opportunities. Seen any really tragic or funny ones we missed? Sound off in the comments.

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