Day Of Big Change 2013

On March 1st, some of the lovely ladies from Community traded their e-mails and conference calls for plastic bags and rubber gloves. It was a sunny Friday afternoon, the wind was cold, the air was fresh, and the Community team decided to bundle up and do some good in the hood.

The YWCA was celebrating their first annual Day of Big Change (#dobc), and challenged Canadian woman across the country to take time out of their busy schedules to “think big; start small.” One of these women was our friend and copywriter Carli Stephens-Rothman.

At the root of our agency (if the name doesn’t give it away already, duh!) is a commitment to our community – both the global community at large, and the local community just outside our door. Come summer, many of us brown bag it, and head to Trinity Bellwoods to enjoy sunshine and a sandwich at noon. It’s sort of like our little lunchroom in the grass. However, once the snow melts, and we’re ready to dine outdoors, we’re usually saddened to see the state of the park, and the way that the community treats it. Litter, dog droppings, and broken glass blanket the massive greenspace, making it unpleasant to visit, and dangerous for pets and children.

So, Carli recruited a team of eager co-workers to spend their lunch hour cleaning up Trinity Bellwoods. Overseen by the wonderful team at She Does The City, and photographed by SDTC’s talented Becca Lemire, this was just one of the many amazing initiatives executed across Canada on this day. Check out the some of the other #dobc actions, as reported by She Does The City.

Bags upon bags of soggy newspapers, bottle caps, cigarette butts, rusty beer cans from last summer’s baseball season, and some weird yarn art project thingy that was just left to rot beneath the snow, were all collected, sorted, and then discarded. Afterwards, with our smiles practically frozen in place (it was colllld), we all headed back to the office and congratulated ourselves with a mini pizza party. Go pizza!

A special thanks to those who came out, including, well, me (Casie Stewart), Jennifer Stack, Adrienne Cauchi, Catherine Bourgon, Brooke McKay, Rosemary Chou, Kiosha Murdoch, Kathleen Grace, Marlene Bairos, and Joelle Wall for taking time out of their crazy day to lend a hand, and form a TrashMob.

We had so much fun cleaning up that we’re going to make it a monthly event! If you’d like to join our TrashMob (boys are welcome, too) drop us a line and we’ll let you know when and where we’re heading next!

Photo Credit: Becca Lemire, She Does The City

  • Carli

    WOOP! Go team.

  • casiestewart

    This was so fun!

  • Lawrence

    Great way of the Community team helping out their community. The park is a place so many enjoy and it’s nice they took their time to make it cleaner. Also, total babe crew 😉

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