Gone Too Far?

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There’s a new marketing trend on the rise. Maybe you’ve noticed? Relying heavily on the element of surprise, scare tactics, and gimmicks, marketers have resorted to “pranking” people as a means to communicate a message, or promote a product.

We talked about Nivea’s most recent marketing ruse, where unsuspecting travellers were lead to believe that they were wanted by the police. Why? To get them sweating. Which made some sense, as Nivea was launching a new antiperspirant. Watching it, we’ll admit we laughed.

We also laughed when Heineken launched their “Candidate” campaign, where interviewees were invited to the most stressful “interviews” of their lives.  We got a kick out of this spot for The Last Exorcist Part 2, when salon-goers were treated to a total terror-fest in celebration of the film.

Following the aforementioned, though, Dove dropped the ball when they decided to pull a fast one on graphic designers as a way to (allegedly) promote real beauty. Most of our team, and many of our readers, were outraged by both the hypocrisy of the message, and the execution of the prank.

Then, today, we witnessed the lowest of the low.

To promote the movie Dead Man Down, Thinkmodo staged a fake murder in an elevator, and documented the varied public reactions.  Naturally, some people ran, while others tried to help. Classic fight or flight responses. Unbelievably, one man even whips out his iPhone to document the horrible ordeal. That’s society for ya, I guess.

There are few things more traumatizing than witnessing what you believe to be a violent crime. Have a look at the video and let us know, did Thinkmodo go too far? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

NOTE: After this post was published, it was brought to our attention that the man who attempts to video tape the crime was, in fact, an actor. All other reactions were real reactions from real people. Read more here: http://exm.nr/ZGwu0c




  • http://casiestewart.com casiestewart

    I would freak right out if I saw this. Just say no to MURDER MARKETING.

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