Chrome x Cambridge

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My dirty, scratched up, over-loved Cambridge Satchel.

It’s World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, so this ad could not have appeared in my notifications at a better time.

In recent years, Google Chrome has released a number of great commercials. And, they’ve all been pretty different. Some spoke to family, others to success, others to social issues, but they all shared one common theme. Each commercial illustrated the irrefutable power of the Internet. For example, there was Jess Time, It Gets Better, and, my all time favourite, Dear Sophie – which still makes me go all emo and, like, biological-clock-ticking-crazy each time I see it.

But today, and I’m pretty excited about this one, Chrome revealed their latest inspiring short, starring MY PURSE!

Ok, not really my purse, but the exact style and brand of bag that I lug to work each morning.

The Cambridge Satchel is just as easy on the eyes as it was on my wallet, and even on my shoulder, no matter how big the ancient Mac Book I carry around inside of it is.  The bag shot to popularity last year, and is now sold in some of the most high end boutiques and luxury retailers in North America.

This ad by Chrome tells the story of the Cambridge Satchel, highlighting its humble beginnings, and demonstrating how just £600, a dream, and the power of the Internet could bring designer Julie Deane this much deserved success, fortune, and global fashion fame.

Watch this video, get inspired, and let us know… has the internet has helped you bring your ambition to life?!

  • casiestewart

    Tha ad makes me want to go and buy one right NOW! Love the Google ads.

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