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We love ads and we love great ideas. We also know that in order for a creative idea to go from conception to becoming a real thing like a billboard, commercial, or full campaign, it takes a team to get it there. Last week we stumbled across the Hyundai suicide ad that quickly grabbed attention across social networks. It’s now been pulled and Hyundai has apologized. This ad is insensitive and offensive. We get that the new Hyundai has lower gas emissions but suicide is not an advertising tactic. Ever. Apparently the ad was created by an affiliate advertising agency, without Hyundai’s request or approval.

Hyundai “The Pipe Job”

What are people saying?

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Worst Ad Of The Week: Hyundai Finds Hilarity In Suicide(NOTE: If the video embedded above has been taken down, just zip on over to your video-sharing site of choice and search for "Hyundai Pip…
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This isn’t the first time there’s been a lapse in judgement in advertising. Here’s a few other ads that have us saying “what WERE they thinking!?”

JTW India & Ford

JWT India was recently in hot water with these ad concepts for Ford. Recognize the blonde driving? That would be Paris Hilton smiling at the Kardashian sisters tied up in the back of her trunk. Ford apologized for these and JWT said they were never meant for anyone to see. Hmmm.

The Hyundai Veloster

This ad for the Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo was banned on Dutch TV.  It’s kinda scary.  This is your warning.

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