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Can’t Spell? Eat A Snickers! : Pulp & Fiber New Snickers Campaign Targets Poor Spellers

Can’t Spell? Eat A Snickers!

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 11.34.47 AM

Can’t spell? (Or punctuate? Or use proper grammar?) That’s a deal breaker. At least for me. Maybe you’re an idiot. (Or, more likely, I’m just too judgmental…) But Snickers thinks maybe, just maybe, you’re simply, you know, hungry.

Indeed, Snickers wants to give the terrible-typers of the world the benefit of the doubt in their new campaign.

In this extremely clever SEO-centered campaign, Snickers targeted web surfers who misspelled words while searching in Google. Users couldn’t see the usual viral and social content due to the fact that it was blocked by the IT department. Snickers accomplished this by purchasing approximately 25,000 misspelled search terms. If you accidentally typed one in , you’d see a paid search ad that directed you to youcantspellwhenyourehungry.com.

Um, that’s very smrt. I mean smart. I haven’t had lunch yet.

To really understand the effort, watch this video below!

  • wtf

    because eating chocolate makes your smarter.

  • http://casiestewart.com casiestewart

    Ha. I lvoe this. And tpying bad.

    • TRPPG

      eat a kandys

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