Just Laugh it Off! Restaurants Retaliate with Humour

When dealing with negative commentary, it would seem that Mom’s age-old advice of  “Just Laugh it Off” could not be more true; especially if you’re a restaurant in the world of social media. Recently, Steven Davey a Now Magazine food critic, reviewed Trinity Taverna, a Greek Restaurant in the Beaches.

In his review Davey referred to Trinity Taverna’s balsamic reduction as “sticky sweet…recalls cough syrup” among other negative commentary regarding the experience with his meal. Yikes.

Rather than react negatively, we helped Trinity Taverna see this as an opportunity to make the best out of a seemingly tough situation and published an advertisement (pictured below) in Now Magazine. They also shared the image via their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. 



Hilarious, Tell Me More! 

Trinity Taverna’s cheeky advertisement provides a perfect example of the recent trend where many brands are choosing to respond to criticism with humour. For instance, San Diego restaurant Craft and Commerce decided to play audio recordings of some of their worst Yelp reviews in the washroom (sounds like a pretty entertaining bathroom break if I do say so myself!) And earlier this year, chefs at Aspen’s Food & Wine Classic took to YouTube for a dramatic reading of some of the worst Yelp comments.

From a marketing and PR standpoint, killing negative reviews with kindness is a brilliant way to address criticism while allowing the brand to stay classy. Further, this strategy drives engagement from fans and positions the brand as helpful–but also not taking themselves too seriously.

What do you think about Trinity Taverna’s funny comeback?

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