And the word of the year is…


Yup, The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has announced ‘Selfie’ as the international word of the year, surpassing its fierce  competitor: Twerk. Selfie —used to describe a ‘self portrait’ taken with one’s camera (old school) or smartphone — has experienced a whopping 17, 000% increase in use over the last year. The term  first surfaced back in 2002 in an Australian forum. Arguably, the most popular evolution of selfie, #selfie was used first on photo sharing site Flickr back in 2004, and shows no sign of slowing. Take a look at this helpful info graphic.

 Step away from your camera phone, let’s chat about what this means.

Selfie was selected by the research committee at the OED because it directly reflects the state of the times and what an interesting time we live in. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that hasn’t engaged in act of taking a selfie. I mean, we’ve all been exposed to far too many awkward bathroom selfies (a personal favorite), the car and the ever controversial funeral selfie.

Some say that selfies are a direct reflection of the ‘me’ generation, and that they should be celebrated. After all, without advances in mobile and photographic technologies, we’d still be setting up our cameras on tripods trying to get that perfect shot. Now we can instantly share where we are, how good we look, and how much fun we’re having. Plus, lets get real:  selfies are all about how many likes you get, anyways.

From a social media standpoint, it’s incredible to see how new terms derived from interacting with social platforms are now making their way into our lexicon. Without Instagram and other photo sharing apps, selfie as a word would not be a prevalent as it is today; a true testament to the integration of social into everyday life. COOL!


What are your thoughts on selfie as the word of the year? More importantly, have you taken a #selfie recently?


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