Bacardi MMA Main Event

Earlier last month, Bacardi announced their partnership that few saw coming. Georges St-Pierre was made the new official Social Responsibility Ambassador for Bacardi Canada. GSP’s strong will and determination go hand-in-hand with Bacardi wanting their drinkers to exercise the same kind of self control when it comes to consuming their products safely and in moderation.


 Alongside this partnership, Community helped launch the Bacardi MMA Contest, putting the winner in the cage to train with an MMA Champion (I wonder who that might be?) and launched a series of parties called the Bacardi MMA Main Event. Community will be activating at 19 different parties across Canada over the next month, encouraging attendees to interact with our Bacardi Bat Girls for a complimentary Bacardi Fuego Bomb, and a chance to win prizes from the Bacardi MMA contest, and other swag on site.



The events will be all taking place in the month of November, so stay tuned to @BacardiCanada on Twitter to hear about where the next parties are so you can taste the new Bacardi Fuego Bomb, and enter to win some great prizes. If you can’t make it out to one, you can still enter for a chance to win at Good luck in the contest, and good luck to GSP on his title fight on November 16th.

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