There’s just enough time to squeeze in another predictions post before Community staff  head off for the holidays. There has been much talk about mobile recently, and for good reason – mobile accounted for 28% of all website traffic this year. Come 2014, if you can’t get it on your phone instantly, you won’t want it.

Who uses them to talk anymore?

Who uses them to talk anymore?

We also heard a lot about wearable technology and telepathic technology – something that only excites me personally if it’s in my coffee maker. Just imagine, a coffee maker that knows your calendar and can gauge whether that morning client meeting will require a triple strength serving.

But I digress. Technology advances like these have increased users’ privacy concerns, and we predict the end consumer will begin to push back at the same time they demand more. More options. More personalization. More authenticity.

A recent HP study of  mobile apps showed that 97% contained some sort of privacy issue; 86% of the apps lack basic security defence and 75% fail to properly encrypt data. The study focused on custom business apps, but it’s likely the consumer apps purchased in your local App Store have fallen prey to such an oversight in programming. Users want the power to pick and choose what personal information is shared with a third-party app. But if recent moves by Google are any indication, those safety measures are quickly being revoked. Expect 2014 to bring about a taming of the technology.


Finally, if 2013 was about the Internet of Things, we expect 2014 to bring about a phase known as the Humanity of Things. As the audience, we are more engaged than ever in the real story behind a person, a brand, a moment. Storytelling will continue to charge our connections. And as such, I expect the “realness”  of  human beings will make some noise next year too, from real models on fashion runways to brands choosing not to Photoshop models.

Whatever happens in 2014, we look forward to being front and centre in it! Best wishes to you all as you ring in the new year.

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