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It’s an event the world waits for every four years. And although it’s the 32 teams on the pitch everyone cheers for, they aren’t the only ones competing during the World Cup.

World Cup Trophy

The “Beautiful Branded Game” as Fast Company so aptly dubbed it also features a battle for consumer attention leading up to, and throughout the tournament. The standard global heavyweights like Nike, Adidas and McDonalds deployed TV spots, online videos and digital activations aimed at raising the temperature of World Cup fever – and did just that.

This year, like every other world cup year, focused on the massive popularity of soccer as a global activity and utilized the recognizable faces of the game to tell the various stories of soccer around the world. There’s a great roundup of some of the best ads leading into the first match you can watch here.


Just like the Super Bowl, it costs big dollars to be an official sponsor or advertiser during the tournament so brands have to find other outlets than just TV to associate with the event.

Social media has a massive impact on major international sporting events, remember the Olympics? As fans prep themselves for the largest spectator event in the world – Twitter has made it easier for everyone to pick their side. Users can declare their squad on their profile and by selecting some pre-chosen display pictures.



As well, Twitter brings back the hashflag! Where tweets hashtagging the three-letter team code creates a flag icon within your tweet.


With most fans flocking to TVs and computer screens to watch the games, Twitter can be the ultimate viewing companion. On June 12th in Canada alone, 92 000 000 social media impressions came from over 35 000 users in conversation about the World Cup in Brazil (Or Brasil) and the kickoff of the first match of Brazil and Croatia.

Now that’s a lot of amateur referees!

With all the coverage about the players, teams, and games, we suggest following @Brazuca – the official ball of the World Cup. It shares the only perspective the World Cup has never covered – The ball.



As the next month unfolds and the drama on the pitch increases, it will only be a matter of time before the brands of it are able to win over soccer fanatics for this World Cup. Before they start all over again, 4 years from now.

What team are you cheering for?

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