It’s a TIFF GIF.

That’s right folks, TIFF is in town and that means all of Hollywood is moving north for 10 whole days.



Oh and guess what, your fav actor, they’re coming to town.


But you know, no fan gets close if they aren’t there early. So you rush downtown, only to find..


Not Snorlax, but traffic. Unrelenting, endless rush-hour levels of traffic.

That’s when you realize you’re late.

Like too late to see your favourite actor. Sad face.

But you didn’t get dressed up for nothing. Time to try a TIFF party.


Which you also can’t get into, but that’s not what social media thinks.

It’s past 4am last call anyways.

Doesn’t mean you’re not ready to take on the crowds, traffic and stars all over again.



Hey you never know, you might just get that kiss from that actor you’re obsessed with.





Who or what are you most excited to see for TIFF14? Lights, Camera ACTION!

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