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#InstaBoasting : Pulp & Fiber #InstaBoasting


#InstaBoastingHave you noticed lately that the quality of your Instagram feed is increasingly looking more like an art exhibit than a regular ol’ photo album? It seems that Instagram is moving from a mere photo sharing platform to a competitive feed, with the goal of boasting about what you do in your free time, but making it look like you didn’t spend 30 minutes choosing and editing the perfect photo. Here are some of the tricks behind these seemingly carefree, but actually rather thought out, Instagram posts:

  1. Make it look candid. You want to seem like someone just snapped a photo of you and your friends laughing without your knowledge, and that you didn’t actually get someone to take 15 photos until they got it right.


  1. Mix up your feed with photos of art or something cool that you made. This shows that you are ‘creative’ and ‘artsy’ and always photographs well.


  1. Use a separate photo editor to pre-edit your photos making it seem like you didn’t use a filter at all, and that you or your subject is just that naturally beautiful.


  1. Use a Squareready app or something similar to give your photo a white border, making the composition stand out, and giving your photo an ‘artistic edge.’


  1. If you have the chance to take a trip, take vacation photos– nothing provokes jealousy more than photo’s on a beach in the dead of winter. Additionally, the more exotic/different the locale the better- you want to seem adventurous rather than spoiled.


These types of feeds are visually appealing, however they usually make you feel like you’re not doing interesting enough things in your spare time. But don’t fret – you can always use these tips to make even the most basic events look enthralling. Or check out Instasham, if you’re really pinched for time. Upcoming holidays/events like Thanksgiving or Halloween also allow perfect material for InstaBoasting.

In addition, Instagram can be an incredibly useful platform to promote a new business. Posting about office culture, or photos of the clothing you’re selling can be a great way to show insight into your company or promote your products. It seems that Instagram is becoming an outlet for much more than just photo sharing; it is becoming a tool for creating an identity – whether that be for a brand, or for a person. As a marketing tool, it is a powerful one, especially since copy is no longer king. Images are as or more important now than text, and can be incredibly influential in today’s technologically mediated society.

Do you think Instagram will continue to grow, or will it be overpowered by new and upcoming media (see Hello, Ello), ready to become the new trend in photo sharing?

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