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Instagram introduces Hyperlapse : Pulp & Fiber Instagram introduces Hyperlapse

Instagram introduces Hyperlapse


Recently, Instagram launched ‘Hyperlapse from Instagram,’ a simple and powerful tool that is redefining mobile video photography. In contrast to Instagram video, the app does not have a social network functionality ingrained in it ( ie. no username sign up or privacy settings to deal with) or any editing functionality outside of frame speed. Hyperlapse allows you to easily  create time lapse videos via it’s built-in stabilization technology giving a high quality look with out the usual equipment.  Content can be edited at 12 times the speed. Although currently unavailable for Andoird, users with iPhone 5 devices can capture and synthesize videos up to 45 minutes long.

While Hyperlapse can be a great way to express your creativity, it also offers a commercial purpose as it is  increasingly  used among brands for social media marketing purposes. Hyperlapse requires no post-editing, and allows you to create a ‘DIY’ feel while maintaining a professional look. It’s the perfect tool for showcasing fun ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos, or for exhibiting what you can do with a product in a quick but comprehensive way. This is an ideal medium for brands to connect with  Gen Z’ers, who prefer bite-size authentic content that showcase real stories.

Here are some examples of brands that have already integrated Hyperlapse into their social media feeds.


Burton Snowboards posted a hyperlapse that shed light on the company’s headquarters, creating a video that shows a skateboarder on a ‘lunchtime skate session’ skating all the way to the #burtonbowl. The video highlights the perks of working for the company, and appeals to the their athletic consumer base.


Oreo took a different approach, and reposted a Hyperlapse made by a consumer (Hello UGC!), which shows their new Oreo Mini. In the video, someone is unpacking a ‘Mini Delivery,’ part of a promotional campaign for the new snack. This type of content is a double win for the company, as they stay on trend by using the technology while also interacting with the customer.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was a great example of how Hyperlapse can be  used to provide live event coverage. The new tool have Mercedes- Benz fans a glimpse into Fashion Week, whether it be a runway show or a quick look into a designer’s sketchbook. Hyperlapse is extremely relevant for brand’s that focus on the arts, as it combines functionality and design to create a highly stylized video experience.


Salon haircare line Schwarzkopf Professional used hyperlapse to give insight into their Fall/Winter 2013 #EssentialLooks. The video creates anticipation for this year’s #EssentialLooks, and combines style and technology to prove that the brand is up-to date on today’s trends.


Pulp and Fiber’s very own Community Agency has also used the app to give a sneak peak into office culture, and to post fun videos that simultaneously exhibit creativity and the new technology.

Many brands are now leveraging Hyperlapse to evolve their  videos content and create more unique branded messages. In a competitive market it’s important to stay on the forefront of digital advancements, and the brands that have already caught on, and those that will continue to, will be the brands that continue to grow and evolve in the digital age.

Let us know your thoughts on branded content with Hyperlapse in the comments.

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