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Learning to Connect, One Post at a Time : Pulp & Fiber Learning to connect, one post at a time

Learning to Connect, One Post at a Time

I’ve never been very good at social media. I seldom tweet or post, no hashtags, no re-tweets.  I don’t keep up with the new social media apps. I just didn’t see the point.

Over the last few weeks, my perspective changed significantly, for two big reasons.

The first reason is that I spent half my work placement working in the social media/digital department here at Community. Having someone explain the ins and outs of social media as well being able to visualize the effects of your work is really something.

There are certainly differences between tweeting for yourself and tweeting for a brand, but I realized the importance of engagement; just like a friendship, there has to be give and take, and if as a brand, you have nothing to offer, or to add, why would people want to engage with you or your brand?

What you’re offering also has to have value; it has to mean something for the recipient and make them care somehow. Which ties into the second reason my perspective on social media and digital has changed.

Last year, a classmate and friend of mine posted a sweet video of his surprise anniversary gift to his wife on YouTube. I saw it around the time it was posted; it was sitting at a few hundred views. I then sent it to my friend who watched it and that was it.

One week into work placement, Ashton Kutcher had shared that very video.



Today, the video sits at 3.28 million views and the number is growing. It’s been featured in online articles and blog posts all over the world.  Ashton’s post has tens of thousands of likes and shares.

What’s also interesting is that around 25 of our classmates are doing their work placements at news outlets in and around Winnipeg and many have written pieces and done TV news segments about this video and our friend Derrick.

The video was great a year ago when I saw it, but it just goes to show that getting your message into the right hands can take you further than you imagine.

Here’s a link to the video if you’d like to see it yourself.

As the three weeks here at Community wind down to a close,  I’m sad to go, but feel so fortunate to have learned as much as I did. I met some very warm, welcoming and brilliant people and I take what’ve I’ve learned with me on my next adventure!

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