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#Skeletakover : Pulp & Fiber Skeletor Takes Over Honda's Twitter Account


BREAKING NEWS: If you’re on twitter today you may have noticed something popping up in your feed. And no, we’re not talking about #CyberMonday deals.



Today, Honda was hacked by of all people, Skeletor – enemy of the kids action figure He-Man.



Since this morning, the master of the universe, internet and now Honda’s twitter account has been spreading his brand of humour across the automaker’s twitterfeed.



Immediately, this would appear to be a community manager’s worst nightmare, and an internet troll taking the account hostage. However, the team at Community did a little digging, and found that the #Skeletakover ladders back to a holiday campaign featuring children’s toys and the cars.

Troll or not, the stunt has some people confused, but ultimately entertained.


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