Is Microsoft Too Soft?

microsoft is boring

Don’t be evil. Sounds simple enough. Be nice. Be good. Don’t be bad. Pretty sure this is what religion (all of them) teaches. And, as it turns out, it is the unofficial motto of Google, the god of the internet, and also one of Microsoft’s direct competitors. Microsoft has struggled to compete with the image […]

Penguin Changes The Game


Penguins, the only animal that migrates to the sweet sound of Morgan Freeman’s voice, live exclusively in the South Pole. But whether it be on TV, in film, or embroidered on your copywriter’s collared shirt, the whimsical waddlers seem to show up all the time. Following that trend, Google launched its most refined search engine […]


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I have social media envy right now, you guys. I put all my chips on “BlackBerry” two years ago, signing onto a contract that I’m not getting out of anytime soon. Because of this, the pseudo-photographer in me is dying. I used to have fun taking silly pictures and uploading them to Twitter, or Facebook. […]



Using Social Media to promote your brand’s presence is far from a new concept. After all, we talk about that on The Thread, like, everyday. But amidst the slew of beer companies and energy drink labels popping up on Twitter and Facebook, there are other “brands” that seek So-Me representation. It’s important to remember the […]

‘So-Me’ Brand Boosters

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Q: What’s the hardest part about being a member of a Social Media team? A: Explaining why there is a need for a team to begin with. Indeed, there is power in numbers, and sometimes, it takes a little help from an expert to get the message across. Jacqueline Zenn is the Director of Social […]