Social Networking in Canada: The Infographic


Nothing like a good Infographic to start off your short work week. There’s no doubt that the social networking business has seen significant growth in recent years, and cross over from a predominantly younger generation into the Baby Boomer generation. The below inforgraphic was handcrafted by Tech Vibes, who state that “While the number of […]

Facebook Will Launch In-Browser Video Chat Next Week In Partnership With Skype

Earlier this week while visiting Seattle, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tipped off Seattle press that the company would be launching an “awesome new product” next week that has been built by Facebook’s Seattle team. The press invitations to that event went out today, saying nothing more than “Please join us for an event at Facebook” […]

The Royal Few

New and exclusive social media platform set to launch in North America this June.

Social Media Middlemen: The Missing Link Between Brands and Consumers

Are you just one lonely person preaching/spreading your company message via Social Media? Does every one in your company know what your are doing? Tom has outlined a couple steps on getting your middlemen setup to leverage your marketing strategy. Next time you’re out running some errands, give this simple experiment a try.  Visit a […]

Six Social Media Sins

Social media are not intended for you to syndicate your corporate message. Social media are here to facilitate open and honest dialogue with other individuals. If you are not open and honest, no one will want to engage with you, just as in nondigital life. When using social media to promote your business, avoid making […]