Macy’s Makes Social Media Fashionable

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Have you ever walked into a giant department store looking for clothes that both suit your body type and are also trendy? Approaching racks upon racks (upon racks?) of clothing can be intimidating without guidance. The popular department store Macy’s may have found a solution for us budding fashionistas by way of social media platform. […]

To QR, or Not To QR: That’s The Question

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Welcome to 2012. The “modern” age. Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you own either a Mac, an Xbox Kinect (which has a pretty cool built-in voice command app…), an iPod, maybe even an iPad, and, of course, a Smart Phone. These are all creations that people like the late Steve Jobs have developed […]

Scanapalooza: The Infographic


By now, most of us are familiar with QR (Quick Response) Codes, which are being widely used in advertising materials and campaigns. They offer us an effortless way to access company information, websites, product discounts or contact details. The infographic below shows that most users of QR Codes are scanning for discounts. Are QR Codes […]