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Mentos Has Gum


You know that guy who comes in to work every morning with his breath smelling like a mix of Budeweiser and frozen lasagna from the night before? This is for that guy. As Mentos is loudly and proudly announcing in their new campaign, “they now have gum!” but the freshmaker isn’t wasting their new message […]

Facebook Speeds Up


Yesterday, Facebook launched a new app for iPhone and iPad, touting it as “twice as fast”, and therefore twice as good. In June of this year, Facebook launched a new method for advertisers to get more bang for their buck – ads that appear right in users’ news feeds. With Facebook’s new mobile apps, the […]

Australia Bans Cig Branding


A new Australian law dictates that cigarettes must now be sold with packages containing no company logos, with the same font for all brands on a dark brown background. Realistic health warnings will cover 90% of the back of the packaging, and 70% of the front. A simple math equation shows us that only 40% […]

Advertising For The Can


Two upstate New York brothers, one 22, and the other 18, have come up with quite a crappy idea. Bryan and Jordan Silverman believe that they have discovered the future of advertising, printing ads on, yes, toilet paper. They patented their idea in 2010, and now Star Toilet Paper is rolling (pun). The toilet paper […]

This Ad Stinks


We mean this in a totally complimentary way: This ad stinks. A brand new campaign from Listerine, four out of five dentists’ favorite adult beverage, is capturing the world’s attention, as well as its dollars, with a promotion that smells a little funky. J. Walter Thompson, the agency responsible for the Smarties commercial that had […]