In-Game Advertising


If you haven’t experienced in-game advertising (IGA), then, my friend, you have not lived.  This is, of course, coming from someone who is obviously really cool, and has a very active social life. Even if you don’t play video games, you’ve definitely seen a video game being played, and as such you’ve probably witnessed an […]

Sense Appeal


There’s been some talk today about how sex sells, but that idea seems less applicable when it comes to food. Unless you’re freaky. As far as food advertising goes, Ryan S. Elder and Aradhna Krishna of the University of Michigan believe that appealing to all of our human senses at once is a much more […]

Beckham’s Big Ad


David Beckham is a brand. Whether he’s touting cologne, soft drinks, or computers, the soccer star, excuse me, football star can do no wrong. If he wanted to, he could probably sell a lock of his hair on Ebay for, oh I don’t know, ten million dollars? Actually, JK Rowling just admitted that it wasn’t […]

Effective or Offensive?

Indian Road Safety Poster_ad Cell phone

Children are impressionable, this is a fact. Like sponges, they soak up their surroundings. Both literally and figuratively. (Have you ever seen a six-year-old’s jeans after a day at the park!?) Because of this, advertisers are challenged every day to create impactful ads that send powerful messages, but don’t upset a younger audience. I remember […]

Advertising VS. PR


Some people think that “publicity” and “advertising” are more or less the same thing. These people would be, what I like to call, WRONG. Nike launching a successful line of golf clubs because of the swoosh on Tiger Woods’ hat is a product of advertising; Tiger becoming one of the world’s most polarizing athletes after […]