Why People Love Car Ads


When you think of car advertisements, what comes to mind? Closed course driving while avoiding pylons? Ambient music playing as a sleek sedan snakes through the city at night? Or an overweight man standing on a car lot, shouting prices at no one, while a big inflatable animal floats behind him? No matter what type […]

Triodos Tries Something New

toridos bank commercial

Every sane person knows that banks are evil. These supposed “financial” institutions “micromanage” our “portfolios” and “invest” our “wealth” in “funds.” I’m richer than I think? Puh-lease. There are very few happy surprises during a trip to the bank. I find out a lot about my finances. But never that I’m richer. But one bank […]

Why Research Is A Must


Siri is not a botanist. And if she fancies herself one, she has a lot to learn. In the Apple Iphone 4s(nafu) print ad, Siri made a pretty big mistake when the pictured hand model asked what poison oak looked like. And then Siri, the all-knowing sage that she is, GETS THE ANSWER WRONG! Now, […]

Can Crest Go Viral?

crest viral yellow teeth pulp fiber

What makes a video go viral? Humour? Humiliation? Star power? It seems that the answer is all of the above. Take, for example, Natalie Portman rapping in a Saturday Night Live Digital Short. Or there are the videos of people that were probably meant to remain private and have now become public fodder. Think something […]

Copy Cats & Big Dogs

jack daniels patrick wensink

A small time book has shot to the 48thspot on Amazon.com’s best-selling list. And, it’s mostly due to its cover. I know, I know. Never judge a book this way. But there is controversy around this cover, and so people are curious. Here’s why… The book is written by Patrick Wensink, a Kentucky-based author, and […]