Is there still a place for Print Media in a Digital World?


There have been many discussions to whether or not there is a foreseeable death sentence for print media, in the up and coming future.  Will we all be completely  converting to digital mediums for things we’ve relied on paper for, in our day to day lives? Or, are people just succumbing to the mindset of […]



This week Canada celebrated advertising  thanks to the fine folks of ICA (Institute of Communication Agencies) who have hosted the event for the past six years.  The first of many amazing conferences in the new year that engage and educate members of the Advertising and Marketing workforce. The Community team kicked off FFWD: Advertising and […]

Strategy Meets Santa


As the big day (aka Christmas) approaches, we’ve all had our fill of happy holiday marketing hoopla from the secular ads, to all inclusive ads, to the brands reinventing Santa Claus and so on. By 2013 Marketers have tried it all, including the Naughty or nice barometers and quizzes assessing your social profiles.   As […]

Just Laugh it Off! Restaurants Retaliate with Humour

Trinity Taverna ad in Now Mangazine

When dealing with negative commentary, it would seem that Mom’s age-old advice of  “Just Laugh it Off” could not be more true; especially if you’re a restaurant in the world of social media. Recently, Steven Davey a Now Magazine food critic, reviewed Trinity Taverna, a Greek Restaurant in the Beaches. In his review Davey referred […]

Brand Fails


If you ever crave a big, floppy, sloppy hamburger that has the circumference as a laser disc, head over to ‘Fries King’, the home of the Whopper! Burger King has pretended to change the name of their restaurants over its social media platforms as a PR stunt to promote some new ‘fry-centric’ menu items.As much […]