Baseball’s Best Ads


Sports and advertising go hand in hand. Baseball season kicked off this week, which means many of you have dusted your armchairs off, and got your beer-drinking pants out of storage. Who doesn’t love this game? Well, truth be told, I’m not really a baseball person myself. Probably because I was forced to play on […]

April Fools + Marketing

headphones for cats

Now, more than ever, we’re seeing companies jump on the advertising bandwagon for ‘Halmark Holidays’.  April Fools is NO exception! Google has been using April Fools as a chance to show their marketing creativity for years. We saw a bunch of attempts to be funny this morning, here’s a few of our fave April Fools pranks from […]

Bad Ad Placement

bad ad placement

When you’re planning to place an ad online or offline, there’s always several rounds of revisions that take place before it can go live or be published. Despite this, accidents (and oversights) happen. And, let me tell you, there’s almost nothing worse than seeing your ad placement go wrong. Allllllll wrong. After talking about potential fails in […]

This Billboard Makes Water

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 4.05.24 PM

A billboard is just a billboard, right? In most cases, yes. Just a large, attention grabbing sign, often found on the side of the highway, overlooked by focused drivers. But this billboard is so much more than “just” a billboard. This billboard is also a life source. A team of engineers from UTEC in Peru […]

Product Placement Galore


Product placement, also referred to as embedded marketing, is a type of advertising where branded products causally “pop up” in film and television. Sometimes the product is part of the story, sometimes it’s simply a logo or a sign or billboard in the distance. Surely you’ve spotted Coca Cola cups on American Idol, and repeatedly […]