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Condom Sales on VDay


First you buy the chocolates. Then you buy the flowers. And then? Well, if you’re smart, you buy the condoms. Valentines Day is quickly approaching, which means big business for advertisers around the globe. And while some agencies are scrambling to find a creative way to market greeting cards, tulips, and teddy bears, other agencies […]

“Foodstagram” Ban


So, it’s Friday night, and you’re meeting a friend for dinner. You walk into the restaurant and the smell alone makes your mouth water. You order with anticipation. You watch the clock in agony, cursing every passing tray, simply cause it’s not yours. Finally, your food arrives, and it’s a work of art. The plating […]

The New Spoke Club

Spoke Club new Website by Community, Toronto

We love when clients want to step outside the box and create something totally unique. After all, we’re out-of-the-box thinkers over here. We recently completed a website redesign for The Spoke Club, a private members club in the heart of King West.  It was important for the website to reflect its members, and their diverse interests […]

The Perfect Pour


Ever wonder how advertisers get that perfect pour? That seamless slow-motion swish of beer, coating the glass before filling to the brim, bubbling, but never fizzing over, creating a light, white puff of foam that sways without spilling? Have you ever wondered why you can’t recreate this perfect pour at home? No matter how many […]

Back To School Ads

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 11.29.41 AM

All across this fair country, the little rascals are returning to school. That means there’s a whole lot of shopping going on; and with busy shopping seasons come a great influx of advertisements. This year in back-to-school advertising, things are different. According to commercial advertising analytics company Ace Metrix, North America has seen a big […]