Uber & the Ice Cream Truck!

Uber  brought on-demand ice cream to 33 cities in 10 countries.

This afternoon Community staffers were surprised with a visit from the Uber Ice Cream truck. With Toronto’s temperatures well above seasonal this week, taking advantage of the weather with a frozen treat was smart marketing move.  It was also perfect timing for Uber to create positive brand engagement after a recent price surge during a […]

Top 10 Free Photo Editing Apps to Amplify your Content Online

Smartphone,Mobile photo editing apps

Visuals are everything in social media. Whether you are a marketer, brand, agency, or regular old human being, creating or curating content on your social platforms is a mandate. Today’s short attention span audiences demand visual content, a statement supported by the surge in Infographic popularity and the high usage rates of visual social networking […]

Boost Yer Kewl

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 1.04.48 PM

Is your Instagram feed laden with photos of past knitting projects, paperweights, parking pylons, or worse… CATS? If so, you’re probably not doing too well in the followers department. After all, everyone knows that setting up an Instagram account is basically like agreeing to play a game of “Who’s Cooler” with anyone who’s got permission […]

Purina x Mashable


Recently, pet supply mogul Purina, along with the brilliant folks at Mashable, hosted the #TailsAndRails event at The Soho Grand in NYC. Q: What’s #TailsAndRails? A: Something, like, totally PAWSome! (Shut up. It’s funny.) Seven teams of computer wizards put their thinking caps on, and worked to impress a group of four esteemed judges, including […]

The Best (Worst) Banned Apps


If you’re anything like me, you lie awake at night, pondering the hard, deep questions of life. Who is our creator? What was I put on this earth to do? What would I look like if I were Asian? There was an app that could have helped me find one of those answers, but thanks […]